Welcome to All Eyes On Rockville's Kidzone!

We're so excited that you are going to come in and visit us soon. We have lots of fun games, treats and toys for you to play with while you're here so you can focus on having fun and we can focus on learning more about your eyes.

Here are all of the fun people and things you can expect to meet, see and try when you're here.

When you first come in, you'll probably meet Terry, Adrianne, Josie or Stu.

After they say hello, you will wait in the play area, where you can open up our adventure cabinet and play with whichever games you like. It looks like this so see if you can find it when you come in. The doors may be closed, so look closely.

Adventure Cabinet

After playing for a little while, Josie will come and take you and whoever came with you (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, etc.) into a new room. There you will sit up on a big chair and Josie will ask you fun questions about TV shows you watch or video games you play. 

Then Josie will ask you to look into a machine's view finder and find the picture of the farmhouse. For this, you can sit on your parents' lap, as long as you sit still while you're looking.

Then Josie will take you and your family into another room where you can play more games and wait for Dr. Hannah to come in.

Dr. Hannah Yecheskel

You should be excited to meet Dr. Hannah because she is super nice and has three children of her own. They may even be at the office for you to meet if you ask.

When Dr. Hannah comes in, she will have you sit in another big chair and use another machine to look at pictures, play some games with colors, lights and stickers! Then Dr. Hannah will put a drop in your eyes that will tickle and you'll look into the machine and find the light. This machine is pretty neat because it helps Dr. Hannah look into your eye balls! Can you believe that!?

Then, when you're visit with Dr. Hannah is over, you will get a toy and a piece of candy if its okay with your family and you will go back into the first play room you were in.


Then you may get to go home or you may get to look at glasses with Josie, Stu, Adrianne or Terri! This is fun because it's like playing dress-up! Our glasses come in many different shapes, sizes and colors and we will make sure that you love the way you look in them and they are super comfortable on your face.

Best Eye Doctor for Kids in Rockville

Can you think of all of the people and characters in your life that wear glasses? See if you can make a list before your visit and bring it in to show Dr. Hannah!

See you soon!

Great job! You learned all about your upcoming visit at All Eyes On Rockville. We hope you're as excited to us as we are to see you! See you really soon!


Dr. Hannah Yecheskel is very proud to have been named the only "Mom-Approved Eye Doctor" by Washington Parent readers two years in a row (2016 & 2017). 

Mom-Approved Eye Doctor in DC