Choosing the Right Omega-3 for Your Dry Eyes


Symptoms of dry eyes can be bothersome and may include a stinging, itchy or burning sensation in your eye; sensitivity to light; blurred vision; mucus in or around your eye; and excessive tearing. Dry eye disease tends to be a chronic condition.

Omega-3 works to increase the density of the conjunctival goblet cells on the surface of the eye. Upon blinking, these cells secrete substances that stabilize the tear film and slowing tear evaporation, creating a healthier eye surface and reducing the feeling of dryness.

While there is no substitute for a healthy balanced diet, supplementing your diet with key vitamins and minerals can provide added value. In choosing an omega-3 supplement for your dry eye, it is important to choose a high quality and high potency product in a high enough dosage to have an effect. Of the many choices in dietary supplements, not all are created equal.  It is important to do your research and choose companies that strive toward honesty, transparency and quality. Nordic Naturals is among the top rated companies.

Nordic Naturals Pro-Omega and Pro-Omega-D provide the highest levels and quality of Omega-3.  They are manufactured in triglyceride form, which is more easily absorbed by the body. Most importantly, it’s high quality and lemon flavor makes it a pleasure to take.

Where to Purchase

Dr. Hannah recommends purchasing Nordic Naturals from through the All Eyes On Rockville account. You’ll just need to submit your email for access to special offers. If you have any difficulty, please contact us for assistance.


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