Why Is My Eye Twitching? (Dr. Hannah in Women's Health Magazine)


Dr. Hannah Yecheskel was quoted about this subject in Women's Health Magazine! Read the article here.

Have you every experienced that annoying twitch in your eyelid and wondered why?

If that is something that sounds familiar, (or hits a nerve, pardon the pun!) Dr. Hannah Yecheskel has some insight for you.

An eyelid twitch is a condition also known as 'myokymia.' It is derived from the Greek 'mys' meaning 'muscle' and 'kymos' meaning 'wave.' To put in simple terms, we are taking about an involuntary muscle spasm that causes a fluttering sensation. in many cases, this condition is a result of excessive caffeine consumption, high levels of stress or decreased sleep. But these are not the only causes. Myokymia can also present itself when one has nutritional deficiencies such as low levels of magnesium. Dryness and allergies may be contributing factors as well.

The condition is typically self - limiting and the symptoms usually resolve  within a few weeks. However, increasing rest and decreasing stress and the consumption of caffeine is strongly advised. Tonic water is also known to reduce the frequency of incidence as the quinine acts to relax muscles and decrease spasms. Lubrication and antihistamines may be indicated depending on the etiology of the condition. If the symptoms persist for greater than two weeks, a comprehensive eye exam is recommended in order to assess the health of the eye and determine what intervention is necessary.

Kendra Rubinfeld