get rewarded

Here are things we love:

  1. Our patients.
  2. Loyalty.
  3. Getting rewarded.

Our new loyalty program, "All Eyes On Loyalty", combines these three things into one rewarding experience for you!

All you need to do is click here and start earning points* by doing things like:

  1. Referring friends and family to us (who become patients).
  2. Talking about us on social media.
  3. Coming in for a visit.

Then you can exchange your points through the easy, automatic system for rewards like:

  1. $25 credit with us!
  2. Items and discounts with lifestyle brands like Honest Company, lumax design, Esme', and so much more!

Get started now!

*Please allow a few business days to earn points for visits and referrals. If you do not see your earned points on your account within 5 business days, please email us and we'll correct the issue.

PLEASE NOTE: Points can only be claimed for earning activities completed after this program was started. We cannot grant points for referrals, visits, posts, etc. retroactively. Thank you for understanding.