Dr. Dori Wolf Kimchy Fits Oprah Winfrey with Colored Contact Lenses

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Our newest addition to the All Eyes On Rockville team, Dr. Dori Wolf Kimchy, remembers fondly the time she fit Oprah Winfrey with colored contact lenses...

It was back in October 2014 and Oprah Winfrey was shooting a fashion cover for her magazine, O: The Oprah Magazine. I was there along with Oprah's make-up and fashion stylist, Adam Glassman and her best friend, Gayle King.

I was present throughout the shoot to oversee Oprah's eyecare since she had never been fit for colored contact lenses before. We played with various colors and styles until she achieved the fashion look she was going for. She ended up wearing Sterling Gray Air Optix colored contact lenses. At the end of the photo shoot, I helped her when her eyes became red after a long day of posing.

While I was treating her, Oprah coined the name my patients now fondly refer to me as - "Dr. Dori"! I was beyond honored to be a part of the team and will never forget the experience.

Here's a bit more about the shoot and ironically the magazine's edition which was called "Seeing Life Through a New Lens."

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